2.5. Forex trading – business owner vs. job owner.

If your business is very dependable on you both mentally and physically, then you own a job, not a business. A good business should be able to make its own profit without too much depending on you both mentally and physically.

Here are some symptoms to tell you that you own a Forex Trading job:

  • You need to make an analysis and a decision whether to enter or to exit the market every time.
  • You need to monitor the market every time or for a very long time.
  • You carry and check your laptop, tablet and smart phones anywhere anytime 😉


Change your perspective and you will have a completely different trading system. Say to yourself that what you want is not another job but a business. Create a trading system which:

  • Can generate passive income. Money is the one working to make income, not you.
  • Can give free time for you to do whatever you like and to pursue other businesses.

Is simple to do, so that it will become a lifetime business skill that you can do it even you get older and weaker. Day trading especially scalping is very demanding. You need to monitor multi time frame for many hours daily. It is very stressful, and it is sucking your soul out of your body. You need to be physically healthy to stay focus. Can you still do it when you are 60 or 70 years old? I have been in these situations before, and I could not stand more than 6 months.