4. Prepare the trading requirements.

  • Trading Plan.
  • Trading Journal.
  • Capital.
  • Brokerage.
  • Trading Platform.
  • Equipments.
  • Yourself:
    • Do you already have the knowledge and experience to go life?
    • Have you prepared your mental to go life?


I will talk in details in my mentorship program about:

  • How to use all the knowledge I have given and create your trading plan.
  • How to achieve 100% winning rate.
  • How to analyze, manage, minimize or eliminate risks.
  • How to use OctaCapital trading systems.
  • How to calculate capital requirement base on the trading plan.
  • How to choose a brokerage that suitable for OctaCapital trading systems.
  • How to choose an account currency to open your account balance. By choosing your opening account currency alone can boost your ROI about 5% for developed countries and about 10% for underdeveloped countries.
  • How to prepare trading equipments. OctaCapital trading system does not require you to have fancy computer or smart phone. You do not need a Formula 1 computer and you also do not need multiple monitors.