OctaCapital is a company established by Henry Wirawan, MBA which focuses on four things:

  1. Trades its own capital in Forex Market.
  2. Manages client’s investment in Forex Market.
  3. Trains students to become a low risk and yet profitable Forex Traders.
  4. Gives free consultation to and help people who have problem with their Forex Trading.


What makes OctaCapital special:

  • Put safety first, thus using low risk trading system yet profitable enough so that the trading system will last forever.
  • 100% winning ratio. This 100% winning ratio can be achieved by using low leverage (less than 1:10), no prediction and no stop loss.
  • Do not predict in order to make profit. Everything is planned in advance; how much capital is required, what leverage will be used, what pairs to trade and why, what price are going to be bought and sold, what is your target profit, etc. Since everything is planned in advance, there is no longer need to make an analysis, get confused and make a decision every time when entering or exiting a trade.
  • Make profit regardless of market movement.
  • Does not use Fundamental and Technical analysis. Trading is based on Price Level and Proper Leverage
  • Does not use any stop losses (please read why I do not use any stop losses in my free e-book “ OctaCapital Forex Trading Built To Last, book 1: Metanoia).
  • Stress free because it is a 100% winning rate and using a low leverage trading system.
  • Approach trading Forex as a business, not as a gambling and speculating.
  • Makes money work for you instead of the other way around. Therefore OctaCapital trading system is a passive income generator and will free your time to do everything you like.
  • Use a very simple and clear trading system so that everybody can trade. It is so simple so that the trading system is not demanding and tiring therefore everybody can still trade until they are old. It is very clear so that everybody can trade without guessing case by case and without hesitation.


Henry Wirawan’s profile:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Accounting from University of Surabaya, Indonesia (1989).
  • Certificate Program in Administration and Management from University of Washington, USA (1996).
  • Master of Business Administration majoring in Business Operation from Seattle University, USA (1998).
  • MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) (1999).
  • Took an option trading class and a Forex trading class.
  • Literally read and skim hundreds of trading books and videos.
  • Literally spent thousands of hours reading threads from Forex forums.
  • Still own and running family business which was established in 1972 by his father.
  • Years of trading experience. Start trading from 2005 until now.