Free Consultation

If you have any trouble or want to consult with your demo or life Forex Trading or trading system, just email me, I will give you a free consultation. I will do my best to give you some advice to make you out of the trouble. The decision is still yours to make. However, I can not and will not guarantee the success, because most Forex trading troubles come from over leveraging, over trading and undercapitalized.

Please read Risk Warning / Disclaimer before contacting me.


Please email me information about:

  • All of your trading positions (pairs, price level and number of lots).
  • Your capital size.


Please do not ask me about:

  • Basic Math.
  • Basic Forex education.
  • How do I trade Forex / what my Forex trading system is.
  • Where the price is going to be.
  • Trading signals.


Please forgive my slow response, because my priorities are:

  • Me and my family.
  • My clients and my students.
  • My other businesses.
  • The rest.